Wednesday, November 24, 2010

yeah long weekend

I'm so happy that the weekend starts today! I am ready for a long break. I plan on making my winter wreath and Emma's advent calendar! I am not a fan of putting up Christmas decorations before Dec 1, but this weekend is perfect so I will be also decorating our apartment. One house nearby put up their decorations two weeks ago and though I think it is tacky, I must say when Emma first saw it she went "wow, gnomy" Gnomy is snowman and they have a giant snow globe with frosty inside it and Emma has to walk by this house every night to look at it. Last evening it was not turned on and she threw a fit. To calm her down I told her we had snowmen at home and knew I would have to start pulling Christmas stuff out a little earlier. I remembered how I have dancing and singing snowmen from Hallmark. Once i found them, I showed them to her and she was curious but once I hit the play button her curiosity turned to fear and she ran screaming "no no no". One of her balloons was near it and she slowly reached to pull it away from it, I mean she acted as it it were the devil and I couldn't understand why. Then I remember how much she hates animatronic creatures. I thought she only feared the large ones, but apparently anything mechanical that moves on its own really is the devil to I will just have to save them for next year or turn them off. Oh Emma. So long weekend ahead..still not a clue what we are is just us three this year and kinda no fun cooking a huge meal for 2.5 people. Anyway, I hope adventure awaits and I will see you all Monday. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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