Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall wreath

So I finally finished my fall wreath (see this post to see my "template") and I must say I really like it. What I really love are the felt flowers I made by both following several tutorials that I found online and making some up as I went. I made a variety of them and I must say the layered kind are my favorite. I love how it cheers up your door and greets you so warmly as you come home. I love how my neighbors might smile by looking at it and this morning I actually got a compliment from my upstairs neighbor saying she really thought it was wonderful, so mission accomplished. It took about three days to put it together since I had to stop several times to actually be a mom. I would have preferred a dark brown ribbon to hang it from, but all I had was the blue you see which was left over from Emma's Alice in Wonderland party. I will try and take better pictures of it and my flowers this weekend , as always these were taken as I was out the door, late again. Plus I notice that it needs more gray yarn and I will touch it up this weekend.

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