Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Emma first b-day party-treats and cakes

Her beautiful and delicious birthday cake made by our good friend Gema. The Eiffel tower commemorates the city that allowed her to have a birthday party.

her cake station, yummy cupcakes from Cakes by Carolynn

I placed teapots at each table with labels that read "Drink me". They were filled with pink lemonade.

I made coloring books with personalized cover that read "Emma's Unbirthday Party". I made sure to place several on each table for the older kids to entertain themselves. First year birthday parties seem to be more for the adults, but I didnt want to forget about the older kids.

The treat stand. Party hats, noise makers, gift bags for the kiddies and lollipops in the shape of flamingos and white roses.

we made these as the party favors for the grown-ups. John Tenniel's original Alice illustrations were wrapped around small match boxes which were filled with personalized M&Ms that read 'Emma turns 1' and 'Happy Birthday'. They also had her photo etched on them.

I made rose topiaries to greet people as they entered the room. "we're painting the roses red". When I find the pictures of the finished result I will post.

Anthony drew this chesire cat and the kids played pin the grin on the chesire cat. They actually all had fun, even the wee one.

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