Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Panda bear

I decided that I want to be a stay at home mom and create things. work on arts and crafts, pick up my camera, the one i teeter on whether to sell or not every time i see my bank account. I want to decorate Emma's room with handmade banners and pom poms, fabric decals on the walls and etsy bought prints. I wish i had the time and energy to cross off at least one of those things. so i spend my time at work fawning over other people's blog and finding inspiration. i bookmark and print tutorials in the hopes of one day having enough spare cash and time to go bananas at Michaels and make things. i guess i don't really need sleep but i do need to win the megamillions!!
So, I found this really cute blog by Lynn Roberts called mollychicken and one day i hope to be able to buy a sewing machine and make emma really cute, wonderful unique things.
My first project will be this panda bear.
i still need to learn how to hyperlink...it cant be that hard.

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