Wednesday, October 14, 2009

emma goes to Philly

this is how she spent most of the day

she is thinking about it

first taste of ice cream

daddy likes it

streets of philly

us in the dark

constitution hall

emma waiting to go inside

she is very impatient

eating at Ariana...yum yum

emma and dad in front of ye old constitution hall

Two weekends ago we took emma to Philadelphia. She had a good time. Ant and I had been before so this was just a nice day trip to get out of the city and treat anthony to our favorite afgani restaurant, Ariana. it was after all his bday!!
Then I treated him to ice cream at Franklin's Fountain, a yummy ice cream parlor that is truly authentic. They only take cash, hand make everything, sell old school candy and the employees wear traditional Victorian garb and only use paper or glass products. it is quite pricey if you think about paying 8 dollars for a root beer float, but well with the expense and after all, what are special occasions for?! So here are some pics of our trip, not too many...but emma did have her first taste of ice cream there. i think she like it.

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