Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Emma's first birthday!!

Emma's official birthday was Friday, September 25th. It was a quiet day, very quiet. Just the family gathered around her as we sung happy birthday and we let her have her first taste of sugar. yum yum, we got cupcakes from Cakes By Carolynn in St Pete, who make the yummiest cupcakes. Very simple, but delish!! Key Lime Cupcakes! It is so hard to believe that the year came and went. Emma is one now, she is running and doing dare-devil feats. She says mostly words in Spanish such as gato, pato, gracias and agua, but sparingly and only when she feels like it. If you ask her to repeat she just laughs at you and walks away, as if telling you she is not your little helper monkey. She has an excellent memory, like her mama and sheer determination like her dada. She is a problem solver and not a quitter, but quite the diva. She loves to shop already and take things out of boxes and shelves, only to put them all back in to start the process over again. She loves animals and squeals with delight every time a dog smaller than her appraoches. We cant wait to bring home her own gato. (if we could just have one weekend to relax. ) So here are some pics of her official birthday, with pics from her party to follow.

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