Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Emma the drama queen

giving me such 'tude

you can see how her vest is a tad on the short side, sigh

sweater, from some Swedish store
vest and jeans, Gap
sunglasses, Old Navy
vest looking like a bolero, all steroids!

As my mom would say, "Emma is giving me the gray hairs" or as I like to say, "she keeps me young!"Her sleep cycle is all sorts of messed up, she will wake up at 2am and play with her toys, then go back to sleep and usually stays asleep until 8 or 9am. But lately, she has been getting up at 5 or 6am ready to go! My lord, the one good thing about it , was yesterday I was able to squeeze in a work out all before 8am!
She is a delight and can say her first sentence which she will say over and over and it is "mommy open the door". Sometimes I even get a "peas". She really is stubborn though with verbs and refuses to say them. She likes to just point at things and say "mommy please". I know exactly what she wants, but I also know that by handing them to her is defeating the purpose of her learning to use words. I always tell her the verb to use and ask her to repeat it and of course she flat out refuses. This morning she wanted me to put on her leg warmers, as she is really into playing dress up now. I would not until she used her words so she sat on her stool and started making her poochero face. I didnt realize what she was doing until about the third poochero. Then she started laughing and being more dramatic, lowering of the head and all. She has a flare for the drama.
Another cute thing she did yesterday was I had cut up my felt scrap into smaller scraps to make mini wreaths that I saw at Ikea. It is so simple to make and I refuse to pay money for something anyone could so obviously at home. Anyway, she saw me picking up my scraps because I didn't want her messing with time and I put them on my desk. Later I was in the bathroom, another thing I never get to do alone anymore, and she just pushed the door open and handed me one small scrap that I left behind. It amazed me how she saw me cleaning up my mess and noticed that I didn't throw them in the garbage can and instead put them on my desk. Emma is really good about throwing her trash away, among other things, so to see her not throw my small scrap away touched me. I thanked her and she went her way. She really likes to clean up and has a sense of organization when she wants.

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