Friday, November 19, 2010

Emma's tutu and elastic band pants

she can be quite feminine when she wants to

it looks as if she is dancing, which she loves to do!

Emma really loves dressing up which I must say makes me all soft inside. For her birthday my friend gave her the great gift of Olivia's dress up trunk. I think I mentioned how it includes a tutu, legging and ballet slippers, a hat, a crown and a telescope. Emma from day one has loved putting on the ballet outfit. She also has another pink tutu from a pajama set Grandma gave her. She looks really cute when she puts them on over her clothes and today was no exception. She opted only for the pink one today.
Another issue I have been dealing with is how Emma refuses to wear pants with buttons. She is really traumatized from one pair of pants in particular. They are these really tight, but stylish, jeans from baby gap and the button chafes her so bad that now every time I try to put pants on her she gets all passive resistance on me. So I have been on the hunt for some elastic band pants(shiver), that are stylish! Can I tell you that I really don't like elastic pants not even for little girls. For her first birthday she got an obscene amount of track suits and I could not figure out why! I must admit they are comfortable for her and whatever Emma wants, Emma gets...cuz I'm a sucker. I was so excited when I found some nice pants at Target for 8 bucks. She is wearing the brown ones today and I'm so happy that they are lined with pink fleece for added warmth and have heart shaped knee patches. I love how when you cuff them you see a nice pop of hot pink!. The down side to elastic pants is that Emma has a belly but no hips or thighs and is pretty small else where, so they tend to fall down a bit. Leggings are definitely the best thing for her as they have a longer shelf life than regular pants. She is still wearing some that are 18 months, but for winter they just ain't going to keep her warm. I managed to also find a pair of lovely white hybrid sweatpants/leggings and THESE amazing pants at Gymboree. They have this gorgeous shade of burgundy and great faux braided belt and are ELASTIC band!! No buttons or zippers. Size 3t and they fit like a glove!!! I might have to go back and get me some more!!!
Target pants I think they are either Osh Kosh or Circo

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