Thursday, November 4, 2010

corre corre

Corre in Spanish means run, and how sad that my little girl knows that mornings involve the action of corriendo. About two months ago I grabbed Emma to go get the sitter. Mornings are just awful for me as I'm always on the go. They really are just so hard. I cannot wake up and get her and myself ready in any sort of sane manner. I am totally exhausted by 9am. I mean if I were disciplined I could leave her lunch and snacks ready the night before and I could wake up at 6 to finish cleaning , 5 if i wanted to squeeze in a run....but alas, I am just so tired and I love my comfy bed in the morning. Anyway, two months ago as I grabbed Emma to go downstairs, she said "corre corre corre". It made me laugh but also broke my heart that at her tender age she is so aware that mommy is always "corriendo" in the morning. This morning I asked her to please get ready because we had to get Connie and she just looked at me and said "corre corre". I really need to jut learn to love the mornings! I cant have Emma thinking this is normal!

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