Monday, November 8, 2010

I heart my Bass shoes

I haven't bought a pair of nice shoes since before I was pregnant. I just didn't have time or money and instead opted for Payless shoes or orthopedic shoes, another lovely souvenir from being pregnant. Now that my foot has grown half an inch I really needed to buy some new shoes. I revisited Bass shoes after Tita gave me a pair of Sunjins this summer. Growing up, Bass shoes were my go to school shoes. After I graduated I just moved onto other "trendier" brands, but now I have reacquainted myself with Bass and how wonderful and comfortable and versatile and stylish their shoes are. I got these a few months ago and I adore them. Tho they have a small heel, they are super comfortable and I feel no discomfort and can walk in them all day. There are two other pairs of Bass shoes that I have my eye on and lets see if I can manage to save my pennies!

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