Monday, November 1, 2010


better cut back on the 'roids

twiddle dee and twiddle dumb

oh no, the po po!

trying out one of her many disguises, this one is senor loca nurse and her trusty steed

the mexican stare down, who will win?

giving me the ol' stink eye

they call her, el ojo

I have noticed a small craze going on some blogs with fake moustaches. When I saw a packet that included 8 different 'staches at Pottery Barn Kids for 6 bucks, I just had to buy them. Saturday I placed one on Emma and myself and she just looked a little confused but then really, REALLY liked hers. She even wanted to have her supper wearing it! We took some silly pics and when she saw her dad wearing one on Halloween, she wanted to also have hers. I put one on and I took some pictures of her in her fairy costume and 'stache but now I can't seem to find them :( anyway, they are a lot of fun and I hope they still have some left over when and if I go back.

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