Monday, November 22, 2010

Bergdorfs, FAO and Borders

I could totally pull off those hammer pants

I'm cold...get me a hot coco or ima cut you!

getting ready to say bye bye

she loves Olivia

she couldn't pass up a good read

just like her momma

creepy dolls

her reading group meets every Sat night

I was reading a magazine and she chose to sit right next to me.

How NY of us, walking down 5th Ave, looking at the beautiful window displays, and stepping into FAO Schwartz to be a part of the scene! Emma enjoyed looking at the windows at Bergdorf’s. They always have such amazing windows but this year I feel they fell a tad short of spectacular. Still a sight to behold and Emma was so well behaved at FAO. We were going to take a picture of her in front of the store, just to be extra cheesy, and then the "guard" popped in the frame and we thought it was perfect! Emma has absolutely no clue what is going in that shot, but I love when people are just happy and enjoy their job. Once inside Emma demanded to be set free and she actually didn’t run around like crazy. I think partly because she had just woken up and partly because she was overwhelmed with what was going on. She liked seeing other kids and loved being able to just touch things. She is such a good kid, I know she is still too young to ask for things, but she didn’t once cry when we asked her to put things back and asked her to say goodbye to them. She left things quite willingly. I love how when she knows it is time to leave, she just says good bye, "good bye park, good bye kitty". Borders was our last stop and Emma again was so well behaved. She stopped first at this huge bin they have of toys all under 5 dollars. She started grabbing the snakes and making her sssssssss noises. She also grabbed some horses and played with them. Now note these toys are all unwrapped and have seen better days but there was a lady giving Emma the stink eye for playing with them. I don't know how she expects a child to not want to touch toys that are out in the open and it was not as if I was opening boxes and then leaving them for someone else to have. Anyway, after a massive poo, Ant and she came back down and we focused on books. She is just such a book lover. When she got to the Spinner rack she was pulling all these Dora books out and laying them on the floor and Ant got a little stern with her telling her not to take them all out, but I told him that that is her routine. She likes to lay them all out and then look through them and decided which one she likes most, well at least I can tell which ones are the winners. Once she was done all I had to do was ask Emma to clean up and she put them all back in their place. Papa bought her two nice books and we were on our way back home. The train ride was a little stressful as she just won’t sit still but we got home and it really was a perfect day.

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