Thursday, November 4, 2010

my mini me

Emma's coat, Zara kids
my coat, H&M-circa 2001. I just cant let go of this coat and it is defintely much tighter on me in the chest area but I am 20lbs heavier...sigh

she struts with so much 'tude!!!

I do have a thing for at times dressing up in matching tops. I got her this lovely trench coat at Zara Kids, and I have a similar one from HM that I got years ago in Germany. I realized the other day at the Doggy park that we were wearing matching coats and tops-the tops were on purpose.
I finally googled the store Hannah Andersson and I was surprised that it is that store I always pass at the mall when I go from Janie and Jack to Anthropologie. I need to go back and see what they have. I like how they match without being matchy match.

this was the sweater the Japanese mom and baby were wearing-sold out!

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