Monday, March 5, 2012

oh my ninj

My girl is growing up so fast. She learns things so quickly and you really cannot pull a fast one on her. When I look at her now and talk to her I realize how Im talking to this other human being, this little person, who more and more each day makes it quite known to me that she can do it ALL "by myself!". She makes me laugh as she tries to "fake" sleep when I come in to check on her at night. She hears my footsteps and I can hear her giggling and diving into the bed. As I peek in she starts snoring and trying really hard to keep her eyes shut. Eventually the sillies just take over her and she bursts into laughter.
She knows her routine pretty well, first dinner, then ten minutes play, then bath time and finally books. She is aware of her wrong from right. Her new thing now is how she tells me "I did it!" with such pride when she actually does something she is supposed to do, like not running into the street or stopping to hold my hand. Today I think she wanted to grab our scissor but I came out of the bathroom just in time and she just fessed up to touching our scissors and that those scissor are only for Mommy and daddy. She is a sweet kid who is now obsessed with this outdoor house that grandma is going to get her. All she wants to do now is to play in her clubhouse which she will have to wait for until Easter when we are back down there. She still loves her books so much and is quite good at sharing with others.

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