Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the love affair continues

first night as a family of four
,this morning

I tell you, Emma and Gato are really sometihng. She loves to pick on him and he lets her and even comes back asking for more. Its been a year and half since he has been with us and in a way she has grown up with him. I know she knows he is her cat. She will not tease any other cat the way she teases him. I say tease in a slighty euphemistic manner. She pulls his tail, pinches his scruff, body slams him, shoves him off the tabke, yells at him "gato no!, she straddles him and says "giddy up Bull's Eye". All you hear coming form the living room is a pathetic "meow" and you know she is bothering him, but he never scratches or hisses at her, he just looks at you with these sad eyes, but wherever she is, he is two steps behind. He likes to stay in the bathroom when she showers and if she would let him, he would sleep in her room. She treats our foster cat, Ephraim with respect and kindness, my parents cat the same way, so she knows he is hers and she does with him what she pleases. They really have some sort of love affair.

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