Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday's book

I have mentioned my soft spot for alphabet books, prints, posters, flashcards, etc. When I saw this book I was immediately drawn to the cover art. I am a sucker for monochromatic or minimalist color palettes. This book has a different shape, it is probably 7 x 11 inches and I honestly thought it was contemporary but it actually is a reprint of the original which came out in 1963. The author, William Wondriska, well I should say illustrator as this book has no words, is truly amazing. Like his fellow contemporary, Bruno Munari, his illustrations are simply divine. I am totally smitten. The book follows the path of a long piece of string which goes from page to page intertwining itself with an alligator, castle, nuts, zipper. You can get a sense of how this book will read . As I mentioned there are no words just beautiful illustrations which will put a jump start on your child's problem solving techniques. If they come across an image they are not quite sure what to call, they can at least figure out what letter it will begin with.

I got so excited when I saw images from his out of print book Puff that I am now on a mission to get my hands on one. I hope it gets reprinted soon!

And if you are also a softie for alphabet books please check out Alphabeasties and Other Amazing Types by Sarah Forss and Sharon Werner. Also check out L M N O Peas by Keith Baker which presents a different type of alphabet. L M N O Peas gets a small shout out today as I found it to be such a sweet book with a refreshing new take on the alphabet. This book is more about peas, yes the vegetable peas, and all the things they and your children can grow up to be. They can be astronauts, artist, climbers, dancers and even readers. Make sure to keep your eye out for the lady bug which is on every page.

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