Thursday, January 13, 2011


My parents have a fenced in backyard which I rarely ever visit. I just now its there but for some reason I never go back there. The weather during our visit was quite lovely and one day I decided to let Emma run around since she is the "outdoorsy" type. I was unaware of how much she would love and demand to go see the "trees and arbol" every morning. I would have just woken up, stumbling to get a cup of coffee and she is signing "more" and saying "please", so it was hard for me to say no. My mom has toy rakes and a small wheelbarrow and some balls to kick around since Logan also like to hang outside. Anthony decided to help my mom with the yard work and made this big ol' pile of leaves for Emma to jump into. It was her first time doing so and she was in heaven. She would even help me as I picked grapefruits from my tree. I must say I really love my grapefruit tree and it give us the most delicious juice!!! There is nothing like having your own citrus right in your backyard.

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