Monday, January 31, 2011

A+ for my wreath and C- for lemon bars.

For my Valentine's wreath I decided to combine my love of yarns with some sort of embellishment made from cupcakes liners. Super easy but really time consuming. I'd say it took my 4 hours to complete. I'm really happy with the end result because it looks festive without being cliche. I tried to stay away from anything heart shaped. BTW, Emma can now say corazon and it is the cutest.

As to my lemon bars, it was my first ever attempt at making them and a crust from scratch. I must say I am not impressed with my crust and the filling is way too sweet, but only in the middle so I feel they might have needed more time in the oven. I'm on a mission to do more research and find the perfect recipe. I shall attempt to make again later this week.

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