Tuesday, January 18, 2011

mornings with Emma and other quirky things

Since Ant was in San Diego for some science conference this past weekend, it was just Emma and me for a few days. She does this really annoying thing of waking up at 1230 am and then again at 330am and then up by 6am. During those early morning wake up calls she will just moan in a Fran Drescher tone, "mama..mama". Since I am too tired to fight it and my partner was away, I simply opened her door and let her follow me to my bedroom. I must say that even though waking up before 9am is not my ideal, the manner in which I have been woken up these past days has been heaven. I tend to sleep on my right side and E has noticed that when she wakes up she only sees my back. Every morning I felt this little person climb over me and place her self in that very small space between me and the end of the bed. She then would say "good morning moma" over and over and kiss me and hug me and I just cant help but wake up in a great mood. Her good mornings sound as if she were Dutch or Danish. "Gut Moooorning"
She has noticed both me and grandma putting on blush and she loves taking my blush brush and dusting herself. She also loves lipstick and yesterday I let her put some of my very red lipstick. I realized as it happened that it was a mistake. She of course loves it. As I mentioned E is well rounded. She loves sports and gymnastics but she also loves wearing dresses and dancing. She knows what a princess is and loves saying princesa! It is funny for me to hear her call all the princesses just that, yet all the princes are papa. I wonder why moma cant be the princesa! She will watch most of the ballet Swan Lake and loves to twirl and wear her tutu.

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