Monday, January 31, 2011


On Thursday we had a snow day and I took advantage of that day by starting to work out again. You know when you fat jeans are tight it is time to getstasteppin'. So I started at 530 pm and we let Emma sleep longer than usual because she really needed it. Well apparently she heard my DVD going because she came out of her room half asleep saying "ejercisio" and was rolling her arms and counting "uno dos". It was too cute!

warming up her gams

turtle neck, Target
sweater, Janie and Jack
skirt, Gap
tights, Zutano
boots, Stride Rite
the need to stay fit, all mama

On Sat she just sat down with one leg stretched out and starting counting "uno dos". It took me a while to realize she was doing my warm up routine. That kid has such an eye for detail and an elephant memory. She gets that from me and at times remembering EVERYTHING can be a curse.

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