Monday, November 7, 2011

Stone Barn

This Sunday we went to Stone Barn and had an amazing time. It is such a lovely place. The grounds are so well kept and the animals look so happy. Apparently they have this super chi- chi restaurant which maybe one day I will eat at, but we did have some lunch at their cafe and the food and treats were delish. We had the BEST cranberry brioche and yummy black bean soup. Emma ate like a champ. She of course had THE best time. She really is an outdoorsy girl who just loves being outside, exploring her surroundings and being one with nature. The "kitchens" were her favorites and she had a stare down with one. She also loved just walking around in the forest. The setting is so serene, a truly perfect autumn day! She even did potty three times in their bathroom and only had a slight accident when we yelled at her for running out into the street. We really need to work on that.

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