Wednesday, August 18, 2010


emma, upholding the Mexican stereotype

singing her mariachi songs

I know I am slacking. It has been non stop since we got back from Mexico. We arrived to some not too nice news and we have been trying to find a solution in a short amount of time.
Emma and I took a quick weekend trip to Tampa to say good bye to the nenes. She did some cute things down there.
When my father asked her how her Gato was , she started shaking her head and saying "no, no no". Apparently those words are synonymous. She also loves to play with her toys now and you can really see her using her imagination. She makes noises and makes them fly, she even has them talking to each other. She loves to dance and clap and is now officially in the terrible twos.
She quickly learned how to say her cousin's name, Logan and can now saw ciao! Too cute!
I'll get back to finishin up about Mexico this week.

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