Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Coyoacan, part 1

too many margaritas

silly chichi

Our first outing as a family in Mexico was to Coyoacan. It is a lovely part of the city where artists once lived. Frida Kahlo has her famous Casa Azul there. Coyoacan is known for its markets and hippies, aka artisans. Unfortunately the city decided the hippies could no longer set up in the heart of Coyoacan and now who knows where I can find the lady who has been designing my jewelry for the past 15 years! Anyway, we took a little trolley bus tour around historic Coyoacan and did a little shopping. The museums would have to wait for another day as time always seems to fly by. Emma seemed to like it, she was dancing to the street music and running around as usual.
I will talk more about Frida and Trotsky later. One thing I do want to say is how much of a difference it makes when you have an extra pair of hands. It is amazing how much smoother things happened and how much more relaxed we were as a family. My aunt was amazing with Emma and Emma loved her in return. We call my aunt Chiquis, a pet name meaning "little one", and Emma right away started calling her chichi and behaved so well for her. My aunt was patient with her and would take her for a stroll while we looked at things that were not located in a kid friendly location. Emma is such an adventurer and adapts so well to where she is that it was a very enjoyable trip!

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