Thursday, August 5, 2010

We are back

So it has been a while. We took our first international trip as a family to visit my family in Mexico City. I must say Emma did lovely. On the flight down we actually got compliments from the people sitting near us, telling us how well Emma behaved on the flight down and how impressed they were. We of course were beaming with pride, especially since the days leading up to the flight I was a ball of nerves. I was picturing Emma running up and down the aisle, grabbing people's feet or storming into the cock pit singing "highway to the danger zone". Emma acclimated so well to Mexico, she loves big city and lots of commotion. she also fell in love with my aunt. I will go into more details on our trip but for now I just wanted to say that Emma said her first "sentence" today. She started saying a lot of words in Mexico and this morning from her room I heard her say "mama , come here". it was so sweet, I was late for work and out the door but I had to run to her room to ask her what she wanted. She can also say family now, as well as color, book, down, careful, suave, pig, oreja, happy. As soon as I get more settled in , I will update her blog with her Mexican adventure.

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  1. Emma has been saying sentences for a while now...i don't see what the big fuss is all about. Just a couple of weeks ago she said, while holding a gun to my face " Give me your wallet". And before that she said "I cut you". So really, Emma has been ahead of the game for some time now.