Thursday, July 22, 2010

E's room updated

one of the first pics of E

her fox wall

So I always get in this cleaning kick when I am about to leave on a trip. Tomorrow we embark on our first international trip as a family. Emma has her own passport and we are off to Mexico so my Aunt can finally meet her. I am a ball of nerves, for so many reasons, but before I leave I wanted to post some more pics of E's art. I finally framed a picture that might have been the first one of us together. My friend, and E's tita, Claudia, printed it and brought it to me at the hospital. I cherish that moment so much. With Emma being in the NICU for the first days of her life and me unable to be with her 24/7 , it was wonderful to get a photo of her to keep by my side. Yeah technology!! So, I placed it along her little hat they give all newborns and her bracelet. I love Ikea frames! I placed a small collection of her fox prints together and I am working on making the three alphabet print four...but this will wait for our return. Ok, more will come later.

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