Tuesday, July 13, 2010

more words please

Before I talk more about our time in Tampa, I want to mention some advancements E has made. She really is expanding her vocabulary and tho she still cant speak in sentences and only puts a set of two words together, she is super chatty and yearning to learn more words. After about a month of pointing out aviones (planes) in the sky she finally stopped calling them "cars", as she calls all big vehicles, and started calling them aviones. It sounds like "I know", but she always looks up and waves bye bye to them. She fell in love with my rents cat Guero and would call out for him in the cutest manner, "Waywoo". That was the first name she picked up a name in a matter of minutes, it usually takes her a week to get a name down. She can call a butterfly, "bufly" and finally after three months can say "flor". She can say "book" and understands that word in both English and Spanish. She has learned the main character names of Toy Story. The other day at the park she stopped while going up some steps and was staring at the ground saying what sounded like "upa". I didn't know what she was saying until i realized that somehow with her spidey vision she had honed in on an ant and was saying "a bug." All insects are a bug to her and she thinks a is part of their name. She knows how to say purple, azul and orange and can even match them up to the correct color, yet all other colors are still purple. Red is purple, yellow is purple. It is cute. She also grabs her play cell phone and will start talking up a storm and always begins with "hewo". She sounds like Barbara Walter. I think Emma is ready for more words because she started grabbing at my dress and looking at me as if begging to learn more words. I told her it was dress and then she pointed at her shirt And so on. Im working on clothing now with her. She also knows "cold" is for cold things and loves ice cubes and if she sees one in your drink she has to have it. Last night she put herself in bed. I don't know if it was the lack of second nap, or the TWO visits to the park or the benadryl but she was ready. (The benadryl was due to a rash she got while at the park and not out of desperation on my part) She pulled the covers over her and just waved at us. Today she is getting her second Hepatitis shot since next week we will be going to Mexico and it is recommended fwhen visiting 3rd world countries. Her doc is in the city so her papa took her and they are going to make a day of it. He will take her afterwards to the Museum of Natural History. I am soo jealous. i love that place and I love how that is the one museum Emma behaves. She loves to run around and see the animals. Her favorite area is the marine life, they have a giant running area and screen where they show movies. I wish I were with them but alas I'm here, at my desk, sweltering in my non air conditioned work space. I cant wait to see the pics of her daddy and me outing.

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