Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Emma at the Beach

If it hasn't been made clear, Emma loves agua. I mean she is fearless and her visit to the beack back in April did not prepare me for how she acted last week. She went bananas! The waves were little rough. They would pull you back in the ocean and I realized Emma would not be content just sitting on the sand splashing in the shallow end. Emma wanted to go out in the ocean. I think she must have been looking for a dolphin to ride. She instinctively positions her body in a swimming pose, yet she has no experience on how to swim. I think I might have to fork over the Y membership fee and put her in some swimming classes. She had a great time as did my little cousin Juan. Ximena was unable to swim so she just sat under the umbrella and listened to her music. It was an exhausting day but well worth it. I'm happy I got to see the beach before any oil slicks make an unwanted appearance.

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