Monday, July 12, 2010

Emma is a big girl now

second night

the night she put herself in bed

first night back home

It has been a while since I posted anything on E's blog. E and I went home for 4th of July. It was fun and exhausting and always way too short. The flight down was a nightmare. Emma was just insane. running all around the gate area, refusing to be held, throwing tantrums and causing me to get the "stare" from onlooking passengers. Not even Benadryl knocks her out, I'm thinking maybe tequila next time-I kid. She was running up and down the aisle, grabbing people's shoes and feet, pointing at their screens and placing her hand on their laps. It seemed these people were in no mood to entertain her. She finally fell asleep as we were literally landing and she was stone cold out. Always sleeps when i don't need her to sleep. She stayed asleep through the luggage claim and car ride home and of course perked up the minute I stepped foot in the house.
While in Tampa E decided she no longer needed the pack and play and I realized that the time had come to transition to a big girl bed. I knew this would mean long sleepless nights and early morning wake up calls on what was to by my mini vacation. I guess once you are a parent there are no such things as a vacation. So after three LOOOOOOOOOONNNNG nights, Emma magically put herself to bed. She hopped in bed, pulled the covers over her, waved bye bye to me and just lay there like a princess. I was filled with joy...Emma had moved onto her new phase in life, sleeping in a bed on her own....well that was the case until we got back to NY. And now it is as if we have a newborn in the house. She screams for minutes, will not stay in bed, falls sleep on the floor, wakes up every 3 hours crying. I just am at my wits ends. I think she really misses my mom and my cousins, bc she is just so cranky. She wont eat and is not sleeping. I don't think she likes her converted crib, so when we have some money we will go to ikea and get her the same bed that she has in Tampa..ho hum, why did we get a convertible crib that was twice as much as a regular crib? Because new parents are idiots! Emma, I think, wants an adult sized bed with big fluffy pillows like in Tampa....not a baby mattress with baby pillows. Oh Emma, I feel I have lost it with her these past days. I just do not know how to handle her, but I hope she understands that I love her and am trying my best. Anyway, here are pics of her first nights sleeping in a bed both in Tampa and NY.

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