Monday, June 28, 2010

Let's go fishing

I had seen this magnetic fishing puzzle game at a bookstore and almost bought it for Emma but was hesitant she would be too young to understand the concept. After hearing a friend of mine who has a little girl Emma's age rave about how much she loves it, I decided to get Emma one. When I saw that Michael's had them for 5 dollars I went ahead and bought her two. I was a bit disappointed when I saw that once you take the pieces out, the matching image is not printed on the bottom of the board. I knew it would make matching back the pieces harder for Emma. Well I was wrong and Emma amazed me yet again. She was putting back the pieces after only seeing me do it once. Mastering the whole fishing pole concept took her longer, but after 2 days she had it down and even knew to hold down the piece with her other hand to release it from the pole. She really likes it and I'm glad I kept the second one. She is too much and tho she wears me out and I can't take her to indoor places without causing a scene, I love her and she makes me proud.

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