Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Renegade Fair, finale part

So I mentioned there were two, new artist that I fell in love with at the Renegade Fair, I am excluding artists who I already knew, Strawberry Luna and Sycamore Street Press to name a few. The first being Coral and Tusk and the second being SKT ceramics. The artist Susannah Tisue makes the most beautiful porcelain pottery. She has these lovely cups and bowls...they are a tad $$ but the good thing is she is always at the Brooklyn Flea markets on Saturdays. If I really want to go crazy, I know where to find her, plus she has an etsy shop. Speaking of which, for some reason I am really craving porcelain cups. I had come across this other ceramicist named Meikongo who makes the most adorable, delicate cups. It would be a dream if Emma were a true princess and could drink from of them without running the risk shattering it into a thousand tiny pieces, but alas I know plastic is the way to go for now. They are still such a delight to look at. I love this one of a bear sitting on its honeycomb, just chilling...reminds me of Emma and how she uses non chair objects to sit on.

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