Tuesday, June 8, 2010

this morning

what are you looking at?

this is actually conisidered not messy

Emma was so sweet this morning, even though she had a rough one. We kept kissing each other and then on the way out she was hugging me non stop...just squeezing my neck. I realized as I was putting her hair in pigtails how much she has grown. Like I said she is almost up to my hip and when we are in the elevator at the sitters I no longer have to lift her to press the 2nd floor button. Her hair is also longer, her little pigtails are full grown pigtails and not little wisps sticking out of her head. Anyway, here comes why Emma had a rough morning. I was making myself a smoothie and it was the first time Emma heard or saw the blender. She was sitting on her step stool, laughing and then all of a sudden our RB Gato went bananas and attacked her. He got her good and she was crying these big tears, saying " no gato no no no" IT was awful. I cleaned up the wounds and put a band aid on it. Of course when I put neosporin on it she started with the "ouch ouch". Walking to her sitters she stopped and her expression changed. She seemed scared. She didn't want to proceed up the stairs and went the other way. She was crying and when I told her she needed to come this way, she threw herself on the ground and hit her head on the pavement. She was in tears...Overtired and I really feel she is not comfortable around her playmate anymore. He has become very territorial and pushes and growls at her. She cant understand his behavior and herself is not inclined to behave as such. Anyway, summer is around the corner and i think a break is much needed between the two playmates.

Oh and Emma did the cutest thing yesterday as I as working out, she grabbed my two pound weights and started pumping iron. She was so into it, she even gave out the occasional grunt. Too cute...she really imitates us and we need to be on our best behavior. Yesterday I caught her kicking Gato while she saying "no" I know she got that from Ant who was trying to protect his calves from Gato....so monkey see, monkey do, I need to be extra careful around her.

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