Wednesday, June 9, 2010

another exciting morning

UPDATE: Emma was sick and that following night was throwing up. Eventually there was nothing left in her stomach and she was just dry heaving. Poor baby. She was a lot braver than Ant or I. i don't want to go!

After her morning milk I noticed that Emma was burping a lot which I thought was a little strange. After she scarfed down her oatmeal she started doing the cat hairball routine and threw it all up. She was fine and wanted to play right away but being as how I was just sick with a stomach bug I couldn't risk getting sick again. I had to spend my morning cleaning up her vomit, herself and myself. Yeah!! I have been practicing poaching eggs and was looking forward to eating my versions of Eggs Benedict...but alas my appetite was killed and I was late to work. The good thing is I think Emma just ate too fast...fingers crossed she is fine the rest of the day.

It really amazes me how children are like sponges and will pick up EVERYTHING. I know I have mentioned before how Emma is really into imitating us and copying our behavior, both good and bad. She also notices every little detail and this morning I was impressed at how attentive she is to even the most mundane of habits. Out of the 10 mugs we have, I always end up drinking out of my Paris mug and Anthony will drink from a blue mug. I never paid attention to how the blue mug was his mug of choice, but Emma surely was the one to notice. I was too lazy to clean my mug so I grabbed the blue mug and when Emma saw I was using the blue mug, she pointed at it and went "papa papa". It took me a while to realize what she was pointing at, as Papa was already into his second hour of teaching. She was noting that the mug I was using was Papa's...but she wasn't scolding me, she was just telling me. You can't pull anything past her.

My baby...she is getting so big...She saw me wearing a headband today and of course she wanted to wear it but I told her that it was mine and we should go pick out one of hers to wear. She actually kept it is sweet how she is starting to want to "dress" like me...I put her in some nice summer sandals that show off her little toes and she went "mama". It said "yes, these are just like mamas". She then pointed at her toes and went "pie".

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