Wednesday, June 16, 2010

little emma no morah

It is sometimes hard to believe that there is another little human being that lives with us. She has feelings and a voice, likes and dislikes. She really is a cutie, a sweetheart. She has mastered the art of asking for cookies. She also says more and car in the cutest Boston accent. I have no idea where she got that from. "Morah" and "cahr"

This morning she wanted to listen to the Fathers day card we got Grandpapa. Yes, I said listen. It seems the only cards left at my local Walgreens were the Hallmark cards that play music. She was so happy dancing in the aisles as we decided which one to get grandpa. We finally settled on one that had a western theme . This morning she saw it on the table, my reminder that is HAD to go out today, and said "musica" She said it in a very paced manner. Moo (pause) si (pause) ca . It finally came out after 6 months of instilling that word in her little brain. I always applaud her and repeat the word and we listened to "Rollin' Rollin Rollin" one more time.

She can say azul now when i ask her what the color of something is, and apparently everything is the color blue.

She calls planes "avons" and always looks up in the sky when she hears them and waves bye bye to them.

She says catch as she throws the ball to you.

She has learned that when she needs help all she as to say is "mama" and no longer whines.

She can reply to the question "como te llamas" and when i asked her what my name was., she said "mama".

She loves saying "night time" and will bring our pillows to the living room and just set up camp there.

She can say monkey and really likes them, go figure.

She really likes to "help" us but ends up giving us more work. she knows that the cat box is cleaned with the scooper, she has scrubbed the tub with the brush, she loves to sweep and in return smash things with the broom. She will wipe down surfaces and enjoys washing dishes. She wipes her face now and her baby's face and will even bath her baby. She saw me beating eggs this moring and later on she went into her play kitchen and grabbed one of her bowls and spoons and started beating a toy can of tuna.

She is really frightened by me blowing my nose for some reason. I have to assure her that I am fine.

I feel there are more small things she has started doing. they will come to me throughout the day.


  1. At this rate, Emma will have finished reciting the Gettysburg Address on cue and finished reading Darwin's Origin of Species. She will have penned Volume I of her autobiography and written an UNAUTHORIZED biography of tita's sordid affairs, all the while successfully finding a cure for the common cold. Can't she be stopped? By the time I see her tomorrow she will be speaking fluently in six languages, smoking a cigarette and reciting the number sequence of pi.

  2. well, she is up to 4 languages and a shot of tequila a know to keep the colds