Tuesday, June 1, 2010

emma and pappa

i'm coming out
left, left, left right left

ima big girl

Emma really loves her Pappa and gets super excited when he comes home. Whenever we leave the apartment, she points at his sweater and says "pappa". She will actually run up to him when he comes home to give him a hug, I never get that kind of treatment. The other day at Barnes and Noble, I asked her where Pappa was and she dropped what she was doing, left the kids section and started running to find him. She is actually a little territorial with him. The other night when he was giving her a bath, I came over and started kissing him and she dropped what she was doing and came over to us and lay her wet cheek on his chest. She then tried to get in on the kissing. It was sweet. Anyway, she is into mimicking all our actions now and she loves to put his shoes on. She actually managed to get his size 13 , steel tip, Doc Martins on and walk into her bedroom. Too cute, doesn't every girl have a pitcure like that. I must find mine.
She also loves to wrap herself in his shirts and just run around...esta loca!

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