Monday, June 7, 2010

One year later!

little girl in a big forest

It is hard to believe that it has been one year since I started E's blog . I look at her and see that she is no longer a baby baby. I see a little girl who looks like she is ready for kindergarten. It breaks my heart how fast time went/goes/is going. Every night I pop in at least 3 times to watch her sleep and I am amazed by just her size. She once was a bean who was unable to control her limbs , unable to hold up her neck or place a spoon in her mouth. She is now climbing stairs at the ratio of one foot to one step. She doesn't even do that like a baby and place both feet on the step before taking the next, she is fearless. Every time we got home, she used to wait for me at the base of the stairs and hold out her little hand so I could hold her as we ascended the stairs. Now she pushes me away and is on her own. I kinda wish she were more needy, but she doesn't seem to miss me or lack my attention. Of course she does like to sabotage my workouts when she can't figure out how to connect the trains. Anyway, she will be two years old in less than 4 months. I need to start planning and making party favors and decorations. Since Emma is in love with Olivia, we are going to throw her an Olivia Party that is loosely based on Olivia. It will be at an outdoor park that has a playground and water sprinkles. She loves water so much, she would sleep in the tub if we would let her.

Emma is communicating a little more each day. She can pick up some word rather quicker than others. The other day I was bathing her and she was holding up her foot and saying "ouch ouch". I didn't realize what she was saying until I looked down and say big red blisters that her faux crocs had given her. She loves those shoes but they are way too small for her. She is now a size 7 and we need to get her some summer sandals stat. It was just very sweet to hear her express pain. However now she is being a tad dramatic. When I try to put neosporin on her booboos, she starts with the over-the-top "ouch ouch".

The other day we were driving and it was really hot. About 15 mns into our drive we hear Emma start say "hot hot" We realized the sun was hitting her and making her skin hot. I had to pull over to put a sweater in the window to block out the heat. I am working on her saying "help" or "ayuda" and "please". She has the "Gracias" down perfect. Since I am trying to make her bilingual I fear she is not speaking as well as she should or could. She talks a lot and with intent, but it is mostly gibberish with the occasional clear word mixed in. It does make us smile because she talks as if she were a lawyer giving a grand dissertation. She spent about 15mns the other day just scolding the cat. She just kept saying "no gato no" The poor cat wasn't even doing anything, just chilling in the background, but Emma had learned by example. It is true that kids will pick up everything and we need to be really careful when doing things in front of her. Yesterday I burped out loud and Emma copied me by making this funny burp/growl sound. She did it again this morning and it cracks me up but I need to make sure I display proper etiquette in front of Emma. Emma is my baby but not a baby. She is almost up to my hip and when she is at a playground she is as tall if not taller than most 3 year old!! I must accept that Emma will be at least 5'9 maybe 5'11. A supermodel!

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