Monday, June 14, 2010

Renegade Fair part deux

strawberry luna prints

As I mentioned last week I went to the Renegade Fair in Brooklyn and I saw this lady who had sold me two prints via her Etsy shop. Her panda print caught my eye on one of my many design blogs and I had to buy it and for 16 bucks I feel the price is just right. I love her work and I am a sucker for alphabet posters, prints, I was very happy to meet her and thank her for her lovely work. They are actual screen prints and not digital prints from a photo(that can be so disappointing to see). You can see the quality and she uses lovely paper and the colors are so rich. I went ahead and bought three more!! I got some frames at Ikea that are the right size but the mat is the wrong size. Now I have to get custom mats made. All with time. This morning Emma saw them on the floor and was so happy. She started pointing at the owl saying "buo buo" and "oso" for the panda and when she saw the zebra she went "meeehhh". Emma is kinda eccentric when it comes to naming some animals. She calls them by the sound they make, so a duck is quack quack, a cow is moo, a dog is wa wa, horse/zebra/camel are all "Mehhh", a pig is a snorting sound. She really likes her prints so I will go ahead and hang today and just switch out the mats later. I love that her room is slowly getting the treatment it deserves.

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