Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Olivia the pig party countdown!! T minus a little over 3 months!!

Emma likes to sing along to the Olivia theme song. It is an easy song to sing as the only lyric is the name Olivia. There is a part at the end where the last Olivia is really long and high pitched and Emma just loves hitting that note. Emma is a fan , as I have been for the past 10 years. I decided that I am going to throw her an Olivia-esque party. I have started making the party favors now so that I wont be up until 3 am like last year. It will be a simple party, pizza, cake and such, at a public park that has swings and water sprinklers. Since I wont really be able to decorate, I am going all out with the party favors. I am going to make really nice gift bags. Some ideas I am working on is decorating plain canvas totes with some Olivia iron-ons that you can download for free on the Nick JR site. I will fill them with crayons, coloring book/pages. A diva jewelry kit that I will make with jewelry I found on Oriental Trading. I love that is just dangerous!! I want to also include some candy and here are some labels I have been working at.

not the best pic..just some tests to see how the labels line up on the Hershey nuggets

I also made these water bottle labels that I have to figure out how to print so they don't disintegrate in the Florida heat. They don't look pixelated...just another test print.

I also am cutting out these cute straw toppers that I also found on the Nick Jr site . I found these lovely red and white paper straws at my new favorite online store Garnish! How great will they look when they are cut well and placed with these cute straws? Trouble!!!


  1. Crayons? Coloring book pages? Wha? What kind of party favors are those? I thought after much deliberation with Emma we had decided to just give out plastic grocery bags with cigarettes, scratch off lottery tickets, small airline bottles of booze, some advil for the hangover and some loose change? What kind of celebration would it be without these classic party favorites?

  2. stop....those are favors you speak of are for her NY friends...the ones i mention are for the florida know...the country folk