Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Emma Emma Emma

driving Miss E

she braved the swing to be near the older boy named Jaques

...when you see your true love across the crowded playground

It has been a while and I feel Emma has done a lot of little cute things recently. I got sick again exactly one week ago. I was throwing up and super dizzy, nauseous...ick. I feel last week was just a blur but lemme see if I can remember Emma's antics. I started last week by asking Emma what her name was and she responded "emma" . Thinking it was a fluke, I asked her again and once more she responded, "Emma". Of course Emma rarely does the same thing twice and I have yet to get her say what her name is since that day. When she is through eating her meal or snack she will say "all done" while clapping her hands in a mobster like manner as if saying "im threw wit'chu". It is really sweet. She also can say "more" now. She loves tangerines/mandarin's/clementines. I will cut some up and put it in her bowl and she will gingerly carry the bowl with two hands to her step stool and eats her citrus. When she is done she asks for "more" and holds up her bowl. it is too much. If you ignore her, she goes over to where I keep them and tries to grab one while saying "more more". Luckily she is tall but not so tall that she can manage to grab them. She did however get one the other day and in true Karen O style, bit right through the rind. She made this surprised face and spit it out.
Emma is a bit of a feral child when she eats. She rarely uses utensils and I have seen her bring a bowl to her face and eat right out of it...but when it comes to snack time, she loves having them placed in bowls. This weekend at Target I had to keep her entertained while Ant shopped. I went over to the dollar bins and I grabbed a bowl that had Abbey Caddaby on it. I was hungry so I opened a box of triscuits and Emma seeing 'snacks' wanted some. I started handing her broken up triscuits and then realized she was placing them in the bowl of which I had no intention of buying. It was really tender how she carefully placed the triscuits in the bowl and then lay the bowl ontop the cart handle. I would usually not feed her with dollar bowls that were made in China but the circumstances called for that and so far she seems fine. Emma can be dainty when she wants to.

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  1. Miss E is finally displaying the signs of a domesticated critter. Precious. Who would've thought that this little one would one day be tame? I will have to see the bowl antics myself to believe them. For now however, I shall just look at these lovely pics of her in her ikat top and floppy summer hat. A vision of loveliness.