Monday, May 24, 2010

excuse me, your excused

looking like a school girl yet mesmerized by Olivia.
top and jeans, Gap
sweater, chi chi LA boutique
shoes, stride rite

Emma wearing her hipster jeans and doing her favorite past time
jeans, Gap
top, Janie and Jack

Emma is almost 20 months old. she looks like she could be 3. she is now wearing 2t and almost a size 7 in shoes. I was heart broken to find out that I am now a 9.5. When did my foot grow half a size?! Anyway, Emma has started to scream when she wants something or your attention. It is more like a high pitched squeal and I am trying to break her out of that habit. She knows her words and needs to use them. She is mastering her manners tho, the other day this little 4 year old girl came up to her and handed her a dandelion. Emma told her 'gracias' and ran back to us with the dandelion shaking all over the place. the petals were being blown away and when she reached us, she realized that all that was left was a bare stem. She went " oh oh". It was the cutest. Every time she finishes her milk or snack she will hand you the empty dish and say "gracias". We are working on please and excuse me now. Baby steps. Besides loving her bath time, she loves saying animal names and will bring you her animal puzzle pieces to tell you their names. All you hear are little foot steps running back and forth from the kitchen to the living room. She is so proud of herself, yet she still needs affirmation from both her parents. She will not move onto the next piece unless she has my and Ant's approval that she is indeed saying the correct names. Papa is still learning that he needs to jump in on this little ritual.

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