Tuesday, May 4, 2010

emma still loves to read

Emma loves her books and they and her puzzles seem to be the only thing that calm her down and keep her focused for extended periods of time. I love looking over and seeing her read quietly. She has even started to 'read' aloud to herself. I hear her little gibberish with some understandable words blending in the mix. I can even tell that she is telling the story by memory bc i can pick up key words that relate to the pages she is on. She is really cute and such a talker, i just wish you could understand what she was saying. At times she speaks with such conviction and waits for your response and all you can say is "yes ok". She also started singing last week. It was the sweetest sound. We were coming up the stairs and I asked her if she wanted to watch Olivia. She nodded and then started to sing the theme song to Olivia. It was so sweet. I have tried to record it but to no success. Every time she sees the camera she starts hamming it up. I was able to get some video of her reading. Ill post that later.

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