Tuesday, May 18, 2010

this morning

just chillin'

Emma sometimes amazes me. As crazy as she can get, she is turning into a well mannered child. This morning as I dropped her off at her sitters, her playmate saw that Emma had her snack trap and wanted to take it away from her. Emma loves her little snack cup and got upset and ran into the kitchen where i was. I asked her if we could share and then asked her if she would share with ben . She got quiet and then held out her cup and walked towards him. It broke my heart but it also filled me with joy. She did it without putting up a fight and with such ease. My baby. I'm glad she hasn't formed too much of an attachment to things yet.
Some of Emma's new words: cookie, turtle, pez, eheh is elephant. she cant say her f's., hat apple, oso, cabra, basura. some might be repeats since I cant remember what i ve posted and I'm too lazy to look back. She can also say pelo and i swear she said blue today. She says 'night time' in such a sweet tone and when she does she puts her hand up to her ear and tilts her head as if she were to go to sleep.
Emma also loves water, she loves to swim. So we have been filling the tub up and letting her "swim" when its time to take a bath. she is like a fish and doesn't want to come out. In the mornings she likes to just go in the tub and chill. She knows that is the one place she can write on the walls. She is a funny creature.

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  1. OK. Seriously. This is the best. Picture. Ever. I love it!!!! Too much.