Monday, May 10, 2010

Emma at the National Zoo

always following the older kids

Emma went to the DC zoo on Sat and she had fun. She was tired from the car ride down, but she mustered up the courage to see some animals. It was high noon, and hot and it seemed all the animals were napping or hiding, but we did manage to see the Panda bear who was just chillin , eating some bamboo. When Emma laid eyes on the panda, she lit up. I think it was her first time recognizing animals from her book and seeing them in person. It was magical how she just sparkled and was so happy. She kept saying, oso oso. IT was funnier when we found a panda statue and it just scared her. It was only after we petted it, and she was able to see how it was safe that she proceeded to feed it some bamboo. Unfortunately the otter and sea lion section was closed for renovation, but emma enjoyed the elephants and small mammals, and was oddly terrified by the squirrel. go fig.

emma being cute and showing some 'tude

it's coming for me!

just take the picture

just riding in style

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