Tuesday, May 18, 2010

emma's first bday party as a guest

is this thing on, im ready for my solo

ill take one of those, please

emma gets her first tat

Emma attended her first bday party as a guest this past Sunday and she was a delight. She wore her Easter dress and behaved like a lady. She first sat and had her breakfast pastry and was happy coloring her Yo Gabba Gabba place mat.
She then went to the arcade room and rode the virtual roller coaster and "drove" a car. She liked the roller coaster but the race car game kind of scared her. During play time, they started handing out musical instruments and of course Emma was front and center. She took a maraca and started shaking it. she was so happy. she then played with some balls and even started to learn how to play with others. She has started saying catch when she throws the ball so we wanted her to start throwing the ball to other people and not just the wall. After watching Ant and me pass the ball to each other, Emma quickly caught on and started passing the ball to other people. She really is a good kid. she likes to share and interact well with others. She is the life of the party and I am reminded of my mom and little cousine Ximena, who always seem to be so uninhibited. I know i wasn't one of those kids growing up, I was painfully shy and introverted and always had to have my mom by my side. Emma is the complete opposite, she is fearless and independent and rarely wants to be held. I guess it is mostly nature with her. She had a good day and we were beaming with pride.


  1. Funny you don't mention that Emma had to be escorted out of the party b/c she refused to listen to the bartender when he yelled out "Last Round!". After the bouncers removed her from the premises, they frisked her and found in her pockets the following items: couple of wallets, various licenses, a key to Claudia's apartment, the Golden Ticket, the Dead Sea scrolls (recently reported missing), Michelle's youth, Momo's diary, the secret formula for Coca-Cola and a detailed map that leads to Jimmy Hoffa's final resting place. I bet the two of you were beaming with pride after these findings!

  2. well yes, bc i was looking for my lost youth and I can always use another relic for my bedroom and momo's diary has some incriminating evidence that i rather noone see and i love me some coke.