Friday, May 14, 2010

emma the heart breaker

emma's first stack!

she got out of her pjs again and is making a run for it!

learning more about super foods


emma is getting so tall. She officially left her 18-24 month pants last weekend when we realized the crotch was too short and kept popping open. She is now in 2t clothing and taller than most kids who are older than 2. She is great . she cracks me up and she frustrates me but she is my joy and all i want to do is be with her. Yesterday at the supermarket she actually behaved. she didn't mind being in the shopping cart which never happens. emma needs to be running and touching things, climbing shelves and picking out items to put in the cart. As I was making my way to the dairy section emma is rocking side to side and she is smiling and saying something in her own special language. She keeps trying to make eye contact with me and it finally hits me that she is saying "I love you." But not I Love you , instead it was more like "I gobaba boo". If it were not because she said it in the exact same tone as I say I love you to her, i would have just kept on trying to find the cottage cheese. I was elated to hear what I think I heard. Of course she wont repeat it as she is not my helper monkey and rarely works on command. It just amazes me on how she picks up on things. She can also say purple now in response to the actual color purple. Again she picks and chooses when to do so. She has said amarillo in response to Plex the magic robot. I am working on colors with her now. It is a long process but it can be fun. I found a great book that teaches colors with animals and I'm always on the look out for more books. i swear i just need to hit the megamillions and open my kids bookstore. How happy would I be, selling cupcakes and giving recommendations to people.

Emma still loves to read and just the other day she started pulling our cookbooks and reading them. the really cute thing is she will pause and look at the words and it really appears as if she is trying to make out the words. So she flipped threw my Super Foods cookbook and it was quite sweet. She is also getting into drawing and i think the time has come to get her an easel. She really is into modeling now and likes to mimic cleaning and wiping. she washes her own stuff during bath time and even brings me her pretend kitchen bowls to wash when i am washing the dishes.

Today she said cookie, which after grapes is her favorite snack. It has surpassed cheese, who would have thought. And emma has now moved from calling cats gato to cat. It did make me a bit sad as I rather her speak Spanish now, but I'm not afraid that she is moving past spanish as most of her words are still in Spanish. She can say cabra (goat) which was a shock to me. On our walk to work she found a puddle and started saying "agua" and began splashing in it. Then she saw her shadow and bent down to touch it and said "Emma". She can be a bit vain this one. Emma is growing up so fast, she still acts crazy but can be more reserved and more in need of her mommy. She plays coy when she wants to and can let lose among people she trusts. she is a ham and a diva and she is my world.

Oh and i forgot what she did the morning. She LOVES Olivia and we do let her indulge in watching her dvds. There is a short on her dvd where Olivia is stacking objects just to knock them down. Emma all of a sudden began removing things from the shelf and did her first stack ever. I mean she has never been a stacker and the doc always tell me at her check ups that she should be doing it and how I have to practice with her. I never understood why stacking was so important for her to do, I mean she was always ahead of the curve elsewhere. So today she started saying Olivia and began stacking objects and I just had to wonder if she was doing that in response to what she saw Olivia do on tv. I guess I can always say that , yes she was doing that.


  1. You might want to put away that Dianetics book don't want it getting into the wrong hands.