Tuesday, May 4, 2010

girls day out

so about a year ago Emma and I had our first girls day out. she was still small enough to fit in the bjorn and just well behaved enough to sit through lunch. We ended up exploring Carroll Garden in Brooklyn and it was a great day. We discovered a great little bookshop, and toy store. It was just so nice. So last weekend, when my demise as a mom began, i wanted to have another girl's day out. I took Emma back to Carroll Gardens to paint a mug for grandma. Of course Emma would only stay in her stroller for the first ten minutes (she had just gotten up from her nap). Then she wanted to be let out to start doing her gymnastics on her stroller. I got her to calm down by giving her the Olivia books and she was reading like a good girl, until she saw the bigger kids start to get up from their seats. so Emma takes off and is running back and forth and trying to grab all the pottery and i just need to get out of there like a bat out of hell. I take her to the playground and let her run around and wear herself out. We are there for an hour and it seems she is about to pass out. she doesn't fight me to get in the stroller and she behaves in the following stores i go into. I swear she is ready to sleep but alas, she just keeps fighting it. We meet up with her dad to have some lunch and after being told that Sweet Melissa is practically out of its entire menu, we leave to find another place. By the time we get to where we want to eat Emma is just unbearable. She slides out of her high chair and runs into the kitchen. she wont be still and is under the table and climbing chairs. Ant takes her for a walk and it seems she is about to fall asleep but alas she is still fighting it and my meal is ruined, i have give myself indigestion and we end up wrapping up the rest of the food and going home. I was so sad that the day I had planned didn't come out the way i wanted it too. Her behavior sent me into a tailspin of wondering why Emma acts the way she does. I would see other kids, younger kids behaving and listening to their parents and I just wondered. Here are some pics of her chasing pigeons at the playground.

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