Monday, May 10, 2010

uppercut to the nose

emma's gift to me for mother's day
was an uppercut to the nose with her forehead.
the after shock.

actually besides a bruised nose, Emma did give me a great gift. As most holidays don't jive with me and they always go either unnoticed or under celebrated, Mother's Day was to be no exception. Emma had I a rough time the night before. She was so wound up and so exhausted that she could not or would not sleep. She was just crying for 4 hours straight and finally we brought her to the big bed and made sure there was no stimulation to overwhelm her. This meant no Betty White on SNL for Me. Anyway, Emma actually finally collapsed as I was spooning and her and throughout the night was tossing and turning and ended up making several 180 degree turns. However, early in the morning, Emma crawled up to me and started to climb over me. I thought she was making her way off the bed but she stopped. She just hugged me, and lay on my chest , like a koala bear for at least 10mns. She handed me her pacifier, looked up and kissed me. I wanted those moments to last for hours, but alas, Emma is Emma and had get her move on. I don't know why she paused and just rested with me like that, but it was the best gift ever and it made my day. Thanks Emma!!

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