Monday, May 17, 2010


mommy couldnt stop and had to brace for impact

im da ninj'

so i had some money thanks to my mom for mothers day and I actually went into the city to try and find some summer tops. I have tons, I mean tons of pants that don't fit me, but Im hoping to ease my way back into them by next month/July. So I really wanted some nice tops and I found a lot of cute ones at Gap, HM and Macys. Thanks mom! I had the whole morning and early afternoon to myself and it felt really nice to just walk around the city without the added weight of a diaper bag or fighting my way through crowds with a stroller. I can finally see/ feel the results of losing weight and tho it is at a snails pace, I hope that it just keeps happening and before too long I am back in my size 10 pants and M tops. It is clear that having a baby changes your body and it will just never go back. Somehow my back got wider. I have a lot of back fat and my chest area is just a disaster area. My foot, I found out, has grown half a size. This didn't happen during or right after the baby, but instead this is a recent occurrence. Anyway, i had no plans for Saturday except to go into the city and shop and have some me time. I made a promise not to look in the kids section b/c Emma has a wardrobe to die for and I always end up spending my money on her. I do it with pleasure but it was best to keep things out of sight and out of mind. I decided it would be fun to get picked up by my chauffeur Anthony and his assistant Emma in Brooklyn. I told Ant to bring Emma to the playground of our old hood to let her play while we met up there. We ended up having an impromptu rest of the day in Greenpoint and it was a very pleasant evening. The sun was out and the air felt fresh. Because of traffic Anthony ended up getting to Brooklyn at the same time I did. We let Emma play at the playground and she of course had a lot of fun climbing stairs and going down the slide. she just loves the slide. She was so well behaved that when she went to get some kids plastic baseball bat, we told her it was not hers and she needs to leave it and she did so without one whimper. I also experienced the sweetest thing. As I mentioned before Emma is very independent and rarely shows affection. I mean she isn't one of those kids who is attached to their mother's hip or hides under her skirt. she is always leading the way like an explorer and would rather not hold your hand. I never thought Emma of the jealous type but then again I don't think she has ever seen me interact with another kid. At the baby playground there was a little girl who must have been 12 months and was just learning how to walk. she came up to me and was smiling and I reached over to help her walk towards me. As I started to talk to her, Emma made a quick b line to me pressed her face really close to the bar where i was standing. She started talking in her language and wanting me touch her head as well. It was as if she was saying, hey dont forget about me, you are MY mommy. It was beyond sweet and I felt like the queen of the world. my baby had to come up to me as if to make it clear to that other baby that I was her mommy. it was her first time showing some sign of jealousy. i wonder how she will be if we ever decide to have another one.
anyway, the day was nice, we ordered sushi and hamburgers and ate in the park, we even had a beer in the hopes Emma would nap but alas the minute we stepped foot in the bar she perked up. it was such a chill day and i think bc i had no expectations it was even lovelier. so here are some pics of my/our day out.

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