Monday, June 14, 2010

God bless you

This morning as I sneezed, (thanks Emma for giving me your germs yet again ), Emma looked at me and said clear as day-"God Bless you". I said "Yes, God Bless you" and I thanked her. It was really sweet. I am noticing she is picking up more English than Spanish but I am not giving up. She is starting to put two words together...the other day she said "bye bye arbol" and yesterday she said "more tootie", tootie is cookie and her new favorite word. She knows exactly where we keep them and I realize I am turning her into Pavlov's dog. Yesterday she threw all her puzzles down in rage-she was going on zero nap, and I told her to pick them up. She did and then looked at me and said "good girl" and ran into the kitchen and pointed at the cupboard and said "more cookie". I realize that she is starting to expect a cookie as a reward. She also tells herself good girl when she does what she is supposed to. she is really cute.


  1. Though I prefer the more original..."Bless you Child!"

  2. yes...she has moved on to the higher forms of blessing