Monday, July 12, 2010

emma and nenes

Juan, my second baby and godson

Ximena, my first baby, I was a mere babe when she was born

she loves the grass

I think E is a leader

Ximena, age 13

she can never be still

It is strange to think of my little cousins. They are still so young, much younger than I am, yet they are no longer my "little"cousins. They were my first babies and they have a big space in my heart. In hindsight I remember Ximena being a tad active as well, always running and never wanting to stay seated. Well, they came to Tampa last week to spend the summer with my mom as they used to do back in the day. It has been three years since i last saw them, and it is amazing how kids they change so much from one day to the next, let alone three years. They are much taller, Ximena is moody now, no longer the happy, chatty girl that we could not get to be quiet. Juan is still the same loving boy. He was amazing with Emma. So attentive, so playful and loving. She really loves him. She looked for him and acted better around him. She really does have a thing for older boys. Anyway, it was sweet to have them all together, I wish our time had been longer. Here are some pics of emma and the nenes, as she called them.

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