Wednesday, August 25, 2010


bellas artes

um, that is my teco-drink

a bug


this is her "I cant hear you" face

Our second outing with Emma in Mexico was to the Zocalo. I was a bit weary of taking emma to the busiest place in the city, but with a small entourage all went well. Emma loved the Zocalo. She loves commotion and people watching. Once we got to the Cathedral we let her loose and she just ran all over the place. Ant took some good pics and it looks like she is doing parkour! I love Downtown, it is nostalgic and retains so many wonderful memories for me. i would spend day just exploring the streets and stores and getting absorbed in the tiny world of street sellers. The architecture there is just lovely. You see remnants or Aztec ruins, Art Nouveau and Art Deco all within steps form each other. I really love downtown and hope to go back when Emma is a little older to enjoy some of the restaurants and stores. Im so happy Emma has a sense of adventure and finds joy in everything, big or small.

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